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Trump CampaignLast Updated: May 26, 2022

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Executive Summary

The **Trump campaign **reportedly gave $3.5 million to the Stop the Steal organizers, and several key figures involved in planning the rally have said that they were in touch with White House officials while organizing. Other figures in the public trust involved in pushing election lies and organizing the rally include Michael Flynn, Rudy Giualini, and J.R. Majewski, a QAnon official who is currently running for Congress but was not at the time.

Affiliated People (3)

  • Michael_T_Flynn.jpeg
    • Subpoenaed

    Michael Flynn

    • Former National Security Advisor of the United States
  • OY9jlss0wF2RkDk6lFUq9ZSciTour_hclYnFlCqNGns.webp
    • Charged

    Rudy Giuliani

    Litigation Status
    • Charged on August 15, 2023
    • Trump Campaign Official
  • H9aNzS16X4AlvxSOQw2SNLlmanaqbi0w8eOuRG80qTU.png
    • Ran for Office

    J.R. Majewski

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    • Extremist / Right-Wing Group

    Stop the Steal

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  • MEMO: January 6th Research for Public Wise (Media Matters Action Network)