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Rudy GiulianiLast Updated: August 18, 2022

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Executive Summary

After January 6, it became clear that Guiliani had played a pivotal role inspiring a number of rioters. At one of Giuliani’s “hearings” on voter fraud, Giuliani was photographed with Jake Angell, the “QAnon Shaman” who was photographed inside the capitol that day wearing bullhorns and brandishing a flag pole as a weapon. The New Yorker also reported on another rioter who drew particular inspiration from Giuliani.


Trump Campaign Official

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Press Coverage

  • Virginia Thomas urged White House chief to pursue unrelenting efforts to overturn the 2020 election, texts show

    Published on March 24, 2022 Read at Washington Post

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    Jacob Chansley

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    • Arrested in Phoenix, Arizona
    • Sentenced on November 17, 2021
    • Former Navy

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