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  • Extremist / Right-Wing Group
Stop the StealLast Updated: May 26, 2022

Affiliated People

10 individual(s)

Insurrection Related Information

  • Subpoenaed by 1/6 Committee
  • Organized 1/6 Attendees

Press Coverage

  • New York Man Arrested for Assault on Law Enforcement During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

    Published on July 10, 2021 Read at US DOJ
  • Facebook Has Been Showing Military Gear Ads Next To Insurrection Posts

    Published on January 14, 2021 Read at Buzzfeed News

Affiliated People (10)

  • lauren-bobert-2.jpeg
    • U.S. Representative

    • Running for office

    Lauren Boebert

    Currently Running For
    • Running for re-election
    • General election on November 8, 2022
    Current Office Held
    • U.S. House Representative, Colorado District 03
  • representative-marjorie-taylor-greene-771×495-1.jpeg
    • U.S. Representative

    • Re-Elected

    Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Current Office Held
    • U.S. House Representative, Georgia District 14 (Recently Re-Elected)
  • representative-jim-jordan.jpeg
    • U.S. Representative

    • Re-Elected

    • Subpoenaed

    Jim Jordan

    Current Office Held
    • U.S. House Representative, Ohio District 04 (Recently Re-Elected)
  • paul-gosar.jpeg
    • U.S. Representative

    • Re-Elected

    Paul Gosar

    Current Office Held
    • U.S. House Representative, Arizona District 09 (Recently Re-Elected)
  • mo-brooks.jpeg
    • U.S. Representative

    • Subpoenaed

    Mo Brooks

    Current Office Held
    • U.S. House Representative, Alabama District 05
  • ted-cruz.jpeg
    • U.S. Senator

    Ted Cruz

    Current Office Held
    • U.S. Senator, Texas
  • ali-alexander-771×433-1.jpeg
    • Subpoenaed

    Ali Alexander

    • Organizer
  • Michael_T_Flynn.jpeg
    • Subpoenaed

    Michael Flynn

    • Former National Security Advisor of the United States
  • pw_DefaultPhoto

    Del Bigtree

    • Media Personality

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