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Samuel AlitoLast Updated: May 30, 2024


District of Columbia

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Executive Summary

The controversy surrounding Justice Samuel Alito flying an upside-down American flag raises significant concerns about his impartiality in Supreme Court cases involving former President Donald Trump and January 6 defendants. The upside-down flag, a distress signal indicating severe danger, was a symbol used by former President Donald Trump’s supporters who falsely claimed that there was widespread election fraud in the 2020 election. The justice’s beach house also displayed an “Appeal to Heaven” flag, a symbol carried on Jan. 6 and associated with a push for a more Christian-minded government. The connections to cases involving the Capitol attack is particularly troubling. Justice Alito’s history of flying these flags on his property risks eroding public trust in the judiciary’s neutrality and integrity.

Justice Alito’s refusal to recuse himself from these cases, despite the outcry over the flag incidents, poses a threat to public confidence in fair adjudication. Recusal is crucial for maintaining judicial impartiality, especially when a judge’s actions suggest potential bias. By dismissing these concerns, Alito undermines the perception of an apolitical Supreme Court, challenging its role as an unbiased arbiter in cases of national significance.


Supreme Court Justice

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