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  • State Senator

Wendy RogersLast Updated: January 5, 2024



Insurrection Related Information

  • Election Denier
  • Spread Disinformation Online

Current Office Held

  • Arizona State Senate District 7

Executive Summary

Rogers wasn’t at the insurrection, but she was quick to respond. She blamed Congress for the death of a pro-Trump rioter who was shot by Capitol Police as the mob stormed into the Capitol. “All they had to do was allow for an audit of the machines and votes. This could have been avoided,” Rogers tweeted. She later blamed antifa for what unfolded at the Capitol. “I condemn the radical Antifa mobs for attacking the Capitol and I condemn the Democrats for wanting to defund the very police who protected them,” Rogers said in a tweet. Leaders of the Arizona legislature called for Rogers and others to be expelled. She also Co-sponsored a legislative resolution to decertify Arizona’s 2020 Presidential Electors.

Current Office Held

Arizona State Senate District 7


January 11, 2021 - January 13, 2025

Press Coverage

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