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Todd GraybillLast Updated: November 6, 2023


Juniata County, Pennsylvania

Insurrection Related Information

  • Election Denier
  • Spread Disinformation Online

Currently Running For Office

  • Juniata County Commissioner
  • General election on Nov 7, 2023

Executive Summary

He has shared social media posts questioning election security in Pennsylvania, including one claiming to have found “illegal ballots” that affected Arizona’s 2020 election results. “We’ve known this all along. It’s in many other states as well like Ga.[,] Pa. etc…” he wrote on Facebook in 2021. He also shared an article that falsely claims thousands of invalid ballots “could have changed” 2020 election results.

Currently Running For Office

Juniata County Commissioner

Primary Election:

May 9, 2023

General Election:

November 7, 2023

Press Coverage

  • These Pa. election skeptics just won primaries and stand poised to affect voting in their counties

    Published on May 18, 2023 Read at WESA.FM

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