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  • Subpoenaed

Kylie KremerLast Updated: September 8, 2022

Insurrection Related Information

  • Subpoenaed by 1/6 Commission
  • Organized for 1/6
  • Present at Capitol on 1/6


  • Founder and Executive Director

Executive Summary

Ellipse rally; deposition scheduled for Oct. 29. Kremer is a co-founder of WFAF with her mother, Amy. The two helped organize the rally at the Ellipse on Jan. 6, eventually folding in the rally slated for the Capitol during the counting of electoral votes.

Committee description:

Kylie Kremer, founder and Executive Director of WFAF.


Founder and Executive Director

Affiliated Organizations

    • Extremist / Right-Wing Group

    Women For America First

    1 individual(s)

Press Coverage

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  • Who’s who in the Jan. 6 committee subpoenas

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  • House Panel Subpoenas The Organizers Behind A Rally That Preceded The Capitol Attack

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Affiliated People (1)

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    • Subpoenaed

    Amy Kremer

    • Founder and Chair of Women for America First