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Karoline LeavittLast Updated: January 25, 2024


District 1, New Hampshire

Insurrection Related Information

  • Election Denier
  • Spread Disinformation Online

Executive Summary

”After Trump was voted out of office, Leavitt continued to support his false claims that President Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. ”I stayed with President Trump through the election and unfortunately, I believe it was stolen away from us. I really do. I think they were widespread irregularities that occurred,” she said.”

Previously Ran for Office(s)

Ran for U.S. House Representative, New Hampshire District 1 in 2022

Press Coverage

  • Karoline Leavitt, 25, Seeks Republican Nomination for US House Seat in NH

    Published on March 24, 2022 Read at NBC Boston

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