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  • Running for office

Kari LakeLast Updated: November 9, 2022


Phoenix, Arizona

Insurrection Related Information

  • Supports the "Big Lie"

Currently Running For Office

  • Arizona Governor
  • General election on Nov 8, 2022

Executive Summary

This individual continues to spread disinformation about the 2020 presidential election and the events on January 6th. Lake is currently running for Governor in Arizona.

Currently Running For Office

Arizona Governor

Primary Election:

August 2, 2022

General Election:

November 8, 2022

Press Coverage

  • ‘Down the rabbit hole’: Arizona GOP goes full fringe

    Published on October 20, 2021 Read at Politico
  • Fact-checking Kari Lake, serial promoter of election lies and early frontrunner in GOP primary for Arizona governor

    Published on October 16, 2021 Read at CNN
  • Trump's Pick for Arizona Governor Claims 1/6 Rioters Were 'Invited in by Capitol Police'

    Published on October 10, 2021 Read at Newsweek

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