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  • Fraudulent Elector

Gary BrownLast Updated: June 2, 2023

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  • Fraudulent Elector
  • Election Denier

Executive Summary

Michael A. Roman and Gary Michael Brown served, respectively, as the Director and Deputy Director of Election Day Operations for former President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. They reportedly participated in efforts to promote allegations of fraud in the November 2020 election and encourage state legislators to appoint false “alternate” slates of electors.

Press Coverage

  • Select Committee Demands Information on Efforts to Send False Alternate Electors" to Congress and Otherwise Interfere with Election Certification"

    Published on February 15, 2022 Read at January 6 Select Committee
  • New Article House probe of Jan. 6 Capitol riot subpoenas Arizona GOP leader Kelli Ward, 5 others over ‘alternate electors’

    Read at CNBC

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    Michael Roman

    Litigation Status
    • Charged on August 15, 2023
    • Trump Campaign Official