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  • U.S. Representative

  • Running for office

Andy OglesLast Updated: January 12, 2024



Insurrection Related Information

  • Election Denier

Currently Running For Office

  • Running for re-election
  • Primary election on Aug 1, 2024

Current Office Held

  • U.S. House Representative, Tennessee District 5

Executive Summary

Has previously used election denialism rhetoric while speaking in Knox County
“They have an agenda and they do and will steal an election. Look, I don’t know if they stole it or not. But I do know that there was fraud. I don’t know how much and you and I deserve the answer to that question. Because if we don’t get the answer, they will steal it in the future and I know that to be true. Do I think it was stolen? Yes. Can I prove it? No.” [YouTube, 13:39, 5/11/21]
Andy Olges even slammed a voting machine company named by Donald Trump. Even the Trump campaign knew those claims were lie. “Williamson County…they use the Dominion voting machine. (crowd groans) There’s a push to change those out and locally they are doing an audit of their own machines to try to figure out was there anything? Any monkey business locally? We’re a red state. So probably not. But Georgia, New Mexico, you name it. [YouTube, 14:36, 5/11/21]

Currently Running For Office

U.S. House Representative, Tennessee District 5

Primary Election:

August 1, 2024

Current Office Held

U.S. House Representative, Tennessee District 5


January 3, 2023 - January 3, 2025

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