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DowLast Updated: June 21, 2022

Insurrection Related Information

  • Donated to 1/6 Organizers

Executive Summary

Many corporations publicly condemned the insurrection and those lawmakers who voted against certification, and some pledged to no longer donate to their campaigns. But as time has passed, the condemnation from corporate America over January 6 and the Big Lie appears to be abating. Some of the corporations that pledged to stop funding the members who objected to certifying the election are quietly finding ways to give again. – AccountableUS

Statement from Dow

Dow is immediately suspending all corporate and employee political action committee (PAC) contributions to any member of Congress who voted to object to the certification of the presidential election. This suspension will remain in place for a period of one election cycle (two years for House members; up to six years for Senators), which specifically includes contributions to the candidate’s reelection committee and their affiliated PACs. Dow is committed to the principles of democracy and the peaceful transfer of power. Our values – integrity, respect for people, and protecting our planet – are the foundation on which we stand and our values guide our political contributions.

Summary of Donations Made

  • Total Amount Donated to Insurrectionists


  • Total Amount Donated to Insurrectionists Post-Insurrection


  • Total Amount Donated (2019-2022)


  • Number of Insurrectionists Donated to


Donations Made

This table displays all donations made by Dow to individuals involved in the insurrection with profiles on the Insurrection Index.

  • Alexander Mooney U.S. House Representative, West Virginia District 02 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $2,000
  • Brian Babin U.S. House Representative, Texas District 36 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $3,000
  • David Rouzer U.S. House Representative, North Carolina District 07 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $2,000
  • Earl Carter U.S. House Representative, Georgia District 01 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $1,000
  • Elise Stefanik U.S. House Representative, New York District 21 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $1,000
  • Garret Graves U.S. House Representative, Louisiana District 06 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $5,000
  • Jack Bergman U.S. House Representative, Michigan District 01 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $1,000
  • Jackie Walorski Former U.S. House Representative, Indiana District 02 $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $1,000
  • John Barrasso U.S. Senator, Wyoming $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $2,000
  • John Kennedy U.S. Senator, Louisiana (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $2,000
  • Kevin Cramer U.S. Senator, North Dakota $ Since 1/6 $500 Total $ $1,500
  • Kevin McCarthy U.S. House Representative, California District 20 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $5,000
  • Randy Weber U.S. House Representative, Texas District 14 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $-1,000 Total $ $2,000
  • Roger Wicker U.S. Senator, Mississippi $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $1,500
  • Sam Graves U.S. House Representative, Missouri District 06 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $4,500
  • Steve Daines U.S. Senator, Montana $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $2,000
  • Steve Scalise U.S. House Representative, Louisiana District 01 (Recently Re-Elected) $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $5,000

While we provide the total sum of funds raised, individual donation data below focuses on individuals and organizations already listed in the Insurrection Index. Donation data on this record is as of 06/2022 and sourced from public FEC donation data. Contributions made by the companies displayed on this tracker were made exclusively through their respective Political Action Committees. Contributions to individuals reflect contributions directly to their respective campaign committees and leadership PACs. *Contribution record includes donations to the candidate’s leadership PAC.

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