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Booz Allen Hamilton HoldingLast Updated: November 7, 2022

Insurrection Related Information

  • Donated to 1/6 Organizers

Executive Summary

Many corporations publicly condemned the insurrection and those lawmakers who voted against certification, and some pledged to no longer donate to their campaigns. But as time has passed, the condemnation from corporate America over January 6 and the Big Lie appears to be abating. Some of the corporations that pledged to stop funding the members who objected to certifying the election are quietly finding ways to give again.

Statement from Booz Allen Hamilton Holding

On January 8, 2021 the Booz Allen Hamilton Political Action Committee suspended political donations, pending a review of its strategy for contributions.

Booz Allen Hamilton HoldingSpokesperson, Jessica Klenk

Summary of Donations Made

  • Total Amount Donated to Insurrectionists


  • Total Amount Donated to Insurrectionists Post-Insurrection


  • Total Amount Donated (2019-2022)


  • Number of Insurrectionists Donated to


Donations Made

This table displays all donations made by Booz Allen Hamilton Holding to individuals involved in the insurrection with profiles on the Insurrection Index.

  • Doug Lamborn Running for re-election (U.S. House Representative, Colorado District 05) Primary election on June 25, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $1,000 Total $ $3,500
  • Elise Stefanik Running for re-election (U.S. House Representative, New York District 21) Primary election on June 4, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $0 Total $ $2,000
  • Jack Bergman Running for re-election (U.S. House of Representatives Michigan District 1) Primary election on August 6, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $1,000 Total $ $1,000
  • Jim Banks Currently running for U.S. Senator, Indiana Primary election on May 7, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $1,000 Total $ $3,000
  • Ken Calvert Running for re-election (U.S. House Representative, California District 41) Primary election on March 5, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $10,000 Total $ $13,000
  • Marsha Blackburn Running for re-election (U.S. Senator, Tennessee) Primary election on August 1, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $2,500 Total $ $2,500
  • Mike Rogers Running for re-election (U.S. House Representative, Alabama District 03) Primary election on March 5, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $2,500 Total $ $7,500
  • Robert Wittman Running for re-election (U.S. House Representative, Virginia District 01) Primary election on June 18, 2024 $ Since 1/6 $1,000 Total $ $3,000

While we provide the total sum of funds raised, individual donation data below focuses on individuals and organizations already listed in the Insurrection Index. Donation data on this record is as of 06/2022 and sourced from public FEC donation data. Contributions made by the companies displayed on this tracker were made exclusively through their respective Political Action Committees. Contributions to individuals reflect contributions directly to their respective campaign committees and leadership PACs. *Contribution record includes donations to the candidate’s leadership PAC.

Press Coverage

  • Tracking Corporate America’s revolt against the Electoral College objectors

    Published on February 5, 2021 Read at CNN

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